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My Top 10 Hotel Pet Peeves

My Top 10 Hotel Pet Peeves

My Top 10 Hotel Pet Peeves

Samantha’s 10 Top Hotel Pet Peeves

Okay, even with my intense love of hotels and travel, I’ll restrain myself and keep my pet peeve list to 10 peeves. (I’m older than my daughter Yao Yao, so I’ve had more time to develop “issues” and deserve a longer list. Problems? Tell it to the judge!)

Bad Bedside Lighting
Whoever came up with the idea that a king-size bed needs only one side table or reading light is clearly not married to Jim.  We’re both big readers. It starts off with Jim’s fake offer to let me have the side with reading light. He then spends the next 15 minutes moaning and moving around trying to get light on his page and adjusting his glasses until I cave and say, “No, you take it.” Give me some light, a table to put a glass of water and a book on – and for Pete’s sake, give me a light switch I can reach!

Not Enough Hangers
Why are hotels so stingy with hangers? We finally have wooden hangers in most hotels (that’s one prayer answered) but seriously. It’s bad enough when I’m by myself, but throw Jim and Yao Yao into the mix and it’s mayhem. I hate hangers that are anchored to the rod, as if I am about to snatch a hanger and hide it – where, under my coat? In fairness, whenever I ask for additional hangers, there’s never an issue. But come on, three people and five hangers?

No Bathroom Counter Space
I’m hardly high-maintenance when it comes to my toiletries, but I frequently find there is not enough space for my lotions, potions, toothpaste, Q-tips, and such. You simply have to give me more room than that. With Jim and Yao Yao in tow, sometimes their toiletries end up on the floor or in the suitcase. (Wait. . . . Did you expect me to sacrifice?)

Too Few Outlets
I cannot believe that I am still often forced to crawl under the desk to plug in my computer in some “luxury hotel suites.”  How can this be?  Why aren’t there multiple places to plug in at counter height? Am I being too demanding? Why am I shouting?

Room “Keys”
I am all for keyless hotel rooms, but I can’t bear to go up to the 25th floor only to find out that my key card doesn’t work. Sometimes it’s because I have demagnetized the card (sure, blame the client) or the computer “read it wrong.” What’s most disturbing is my ability to persuade the cleaning staff to let me in. That gives one a real confidence boost about personal safety!

Bad Housekeeping
I was just in New Orleans and was so disappointed to come back to my hotel room after 4:00 to find it still a mess! Sure, it’s our mess, but the bed was still unmade. Come on!  And why are the trash cans so tiny, do they want me to take my trash home?

Water Woes
When a hotel is designed, the plumbing and water pressure have to be considered. There is nothing worse than stepping into a shower and having the water come out in a light spray. I get low-flow – I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck! – but I want my entire body to get wet, all at the same time.

Not Enough Fresh Towels
How about fresh towels at night? I don’t know about you, but I often take two showers a day, especially when traveling. I get up, work out, then shower. Then we’re running around sightseeing or hanging out on the beach, so it’s only natural that we would need a shower later. But then we have dirty towels for the next morning.

Hitting the Gym
I don’t understand why every hotel that has more than 20 rooms doesn’t have a fabulous gym. It should be accessible at any hour and should be a real gym, not two treadmills and some free weights.

Hitting the Minibar
This may be more about my personal issues than the shortcomings of hotels, but there’s too much junk food and alcohol in most minibars. The wonderful Hyatt in Seattle, where I spent more time than I care to admit, was always willing to empty the minibar for me. If you’re not faced with a bag of Peanut M&Ms at midnight, you don’t even think about it!

Having the opportunity to expressed my pet peeves, it’s now time to say a big old thank you to all the hotels, guest house and rental properties that have helped the three of us build wonderful memories and have amazing experiences. Here’s to you!!!


  1. Pamela Thompson 7 years ago

    Oh yes! It’s the lack or inaccessibility of outlets, bedside lighting, and really no room on the bedside tables for water, eyeglasses, and book that frustrates me. And…. I thought poor housekeeping only happened in the non fancy hotels where I stay. I’m not a germaphobe but really….
    Towels not so much, as i will take any excuse NOT to have to take a shower!
    Love your posts! They make me want to travel.

    • Author
      travelswithyaoyao 7 years ago

      So glad you can relate to my pet peeves! Who doesn’t want water on their bedside table? Love the thought that my families experiences make you want to travel. Whether it’s a mile away or a million miles away there is so much to see. Hope to see you on the road!

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